"We purchased Dig Defence last year to use under our airfield perimeter fence to help alleviate coyote digs. It has worked fabulously and we are thrilled with the results. The units are easy to install and can be done by one person so you aren’t tying up other personnel. They are also very portable so that a couple of units can be stored in the back of our airfield trucks and used whenever/wherever needed. This has helped tremendously in keeping wildlife off our airfield and keeping our airfield safe and secure. We highly recommend Dig Defence for anyone considering using it."

Patricia “Trish” Campbell, Wildlife Coordinator Fayetteville Regional Airport, Fayetteville NC (FAY)

"Sarasota Bradenton International Airport has several corridors passing through the Airport Operations Area where animals frequently dug under the perimeter chain link fence. We ordered a pallet of Dig Defence and an installation tool. Our Facilities Department easily installed the Dig Defence sections. Animals can no longer access the AOA in the areas where the Dig Defence was installed.

Roger C. Widrick, Operations Supervisor" Airfield and Certification, Sarasota Manatee Airport Authority

"In 2002 at Greenville Spartanburg International Airport, we started to get areas in our perimeter fence where coyotes and other wildlife were digging under the chain link fence. To prevent this, we began by filing the holes in with soil, but the wildlife were able to re-dig the holes. Then, we tried using rip rap stone which worked better at keeping wildlife out, but it created maintenance issues. During mowing operations, the mowers would hit and move the stones, and the stones made trimming the fence line with weedeaters much more difficult and time consuming. Finally, we implemented Dig Defence in the areas where wildlife were digging holes, and we experienced great success in maintaining the security of our perimeter fence, as well as easier maintenance with mowers and trimming."

Todd Kluge Greenville-Spartanburg Airport District

“ Our Zoo needed an economical, easy to use product, that could add that extra dimension of protection to our property. The Dig Defence dig barrier system was easy to install and greatly improved the integrity of our perimeter fences.”

Lee Jackson Niabi Zoological Park